Estro ke Parindey Fly High!

Posted on 11 January 2011 by BMMBoxer

Day 1

Estro 2011 – Passion for Arts started with the Inauguration Ceremony by Guest Onirban(Director of Bas Ek Pal) & Vijay Vashishtha(Film Critic from NDTV). Both of them along with Principal Dr. Sangeeta Kohli lit the lamp (A Tradition of Somaiya) & flagged off Estro 2011 – Passion for Arts.

Onir then presented us with a trailer of his next movie “I AM” & spoke to the crowd regarding his movie.

The Festival started off with the Short Film event where our Judges were Onirban & Vijay Vashishtha. From the list were “Friend Request”, “Sholay,Potter & The Murgi Chor”, “Brainwashed”, “Existence”, “Last 7 days”, “Kachrewali”, “Khoj”, “They are Left I am Right”, “With Love To Winnie”, “I will never die and others”. Two movies (The Ride goes on & NEWS were also screened)

A Short Break was announced for the judges to calculate the marks. The stage rocked to the moves presented by a few Second Year girls. When all the hoots & whistles had been done with, the judges came on stage.

Onir was amazed at the kind of talent he saw on the screen. He also gave some valuable tips to the future Filmmakers. Vijay Vashishtha also gave his review on what he witnessed & announced the results.

Dance by First Year got the crowd to do Salsa still sitting in the Auditorium.

The next event of the day was Movie Trailers which included trailers of the movie “Junoon”, “Encounter”, “Black Noise”, “Brainwashed”, “The Mysterious Candle” & others. The judge for the current event was Praveen Mishra, a night correspondent from News 24.

The next event, Mobi Clips was interrupted by some witty jokes of Cyrus Broacha. He had come especially to judge Music Videos event. Before judging the event he gave a brief about WSD (Welfare for Stray Dogs) the charity he supports. He was also accompanied by Abodh Aras, Head of WSD.

After they sat on the judges’ seat, the videos for the event were “Saamne yeh kaun aaya” made him remember his years & there were others.

Then Godwin Gonsalves, the writer of Estro’s Theme Song “Estro ke Parindey” came on stage to perform for Cyrus. Also there was a repeat performance by the Second Year & Cyrus Broacha joined in.

Cyrus announced the winners & He was then presented with a Token of thanks from our faculty Richa Mam and our Principal.

Mobi Clips then went ahead with I Can, Fun Unlimited, Panic, Liberate and Compassion. Praveen Mishra then announced the results of both the events and was thanked by Sangeeta Mam for taking out his valuable time for judging the event.

Ending Day 1 on a high for Day 2 to start the next morning.

Day 2:

Day 2 saw “Lighting the Lamp” being done by Dhoom director Sanjay Gadhvi & Director of the movie Alag, Ashu Trikha.

They were the judges of the event Documentaries. The event hosted documentaries like Eye Pledge, Stray Dogs, IDA, Salaam Mumbai & others.

While the judges calculated the scores, it was time for Third Year Girls students to enter the dancing floor with Retro-Remix dance.

The judges were amazed at the talents. They also praised the campus & the Formal outfits worn by the audience.

They were given a token of thanks by Sangeeta Mam & Richa Mam.

Deepal Shaw made an entry for her film “VIKALP” ’s promotion. She danced with a few of our volunteers and made a quick exit.

Also we witnessed the trailer of the movie HOSTEL for which the director of the movie Manish Gupta discussed with the crowd about Ragging and what should be done to curb that. Students discussed enthusiastically and were awarded goodies from The Loot.

The next event of the day was Radio Jingle which was judged by RJ Urmin from FEVER 104. The event saw some wacky Jingles from “PALAK PALAK PALAK” to “Mardo wale Powder”.

Before the last event, Third Year couples had a performance on a few Retro songs.

The last event of the day was Ad Films which was being judged by Parag Chaphekar, Bureau Chief (Entertainment), Live India. The Event was divided in Public Service ads and Commercials. The event saw people applauding and some leaving them in splits.

The Event also saw Akshay Oberoi & Sandeepa Dhar (Stars from “Issi Life Mein”) viewing a few ads and also promoting their movie. They made an exit soon.

The judge went for calculating the scores while the stage was set for GRASSS to perform KALLU MAMA from Satya & Estro ke Parindey (Theme Song of Estro)

Parag Chaphekar announced the winners and also gave away prizes for this year’s Estro 2011 Passion for Arts.

Dr. Sangeeta Kohli, Principle of S.K. Somaiya College spoke to the audience about the achievements of this year and concluded the event.


Click on the link to find out the winners

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