Graduation Queries, 5: Planning A Career

Posted on 29 April 2013 by BMMBoxer

The general perception is that planning a career involves the following steps:
• Choosing an occupation, preferably based on your academics
• Getting a job in that respective field of work
• Growing in the job to achieve your goals
• Retiring from the job satisfied with everything you have achieved

However career planning involves a lot more. Life is unpredictable and it is always necessary to prepare yourself for what might come up. A career is no different. Globalization has in fact left us at a stage where career planning is even more vital. Careers are subject to various challenges, most of which aren’t within an individual’s control. Sound planning can help overcome these challenges.
Learning is a lifelong process. People change jobs all the time to learn more, improve themselves and possibly make more money. The business world is subject to constant change and opportunities are always on the horizon. So strive to keep learning and improve your skill and knowledge levels.

Don’t just talk, listen too:
Listen to the people around you, especially the ones who are more experienced. Relate your views to them and ask for their opinions. This will help you learn more about yourself. At the same time, talking to others and hearing their experiences can teach you about the mistakes you mustn’t make.

The Current Job:
People tend to get swayed by money and circumstance while taking up a job. Assess a present or perspective job with an open mind keeping the telling factors in mind
• Do you like what you’re doing?
• Do you see future scope for progress?
• Do you see yourself doing this for a long time?
Such questions need to be answered. Always be clear about your job requirements and designation. Evaluate these points and make the best decision.

Follow Your Dreams:

Simply put: You have to like what you do. If you don’t, then find out what you like to do. You must identify and interpret your dream job and understand how you can possibly achieve this dream. The path need not be straightforward. But once you figure it out, you can start walking on it. Acting on your dreams is vital for long-term satisfaction and inevitably success. Your dreams define you, so work towards achieving a career within that framework.

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