Graduation Queries, 4: How To Get The Job You Desire

Posted on 22 April 2013 by BMMBoxer

Success, they say, is a journey rather than a destination. At a professional level, being successful in life goes hand in hand with attaining the job you desire; a job that keeps you satisfied and offers a sound foundation from where you can build yourself up for greater things in all spheres of life. Hence most professionals ask themselves – How do I get the job I desire?

Well here are a few pointers, which will guide you along that path:

Figure yourself out:

Before you begin the job search take time off for introspection. Analyze what you have done with your life and figure out what you want to do. Finding the job you desire is the first step in this entire process. You can even take a personality test to help assess yourself. Cross this hurdle and then get yourself ready for the psychological battle that waits.

Key Qualities:

  • The key to success is confidence. Believe in yourself at each stage and have absolute confidence in your abilities
  • Personal assessment helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t hide from those weaknesses. Rather work out a way to get over them. It’s vital for you to bring your best qualities to the table and prove why you can be a difference maker
  • Strive to eliminate all stressful elements. It is natural to be under pressure when you’re working hard to achieve what you want. But it is equally important to let go of all the negativity that hinders your progress
  • Determination is another under estimated quality. But when the going gets tough, only determined people actually make it through

The Eventual Test:

All the preparation in the world can’t guarantee the best result unless you can implement and execute when it matters. Stick to your basics and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes because you can’t attain that desired job unless you tick the right boxes in a face-to-face situation.

Other factors:

  • It is important to keep an open mind and allow yourself to learn from your own previous mistakes and the experiences of others. Work out a different game plan if the original one doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to
  • Take some time off ‘serious’ mode and relax. Meet your friends and elaborate on your thoughts. Communication is vital as it will help you feel better and obtain a different perspective. You can even use various prevalent forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) to interact with people who are in a similar position.
  • Lastly celebrate the small victories that come along the way. It will help you appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

Getting the job you desire isn’t a straightforward process. After all, the best things in life are hard to come by. But if you stay motivated and focus on your goals, then success will inevitably follow.

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