Graduation Queries, 3: How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Posted on 15 April 2013 by BMMBoxer

Job Interview Essentials

Job Interview Essentials

An interview is not just a test of the technical and communication skills you possess, but also an assessment of how you can handle pressure. Hence it’s important to be fundamentally strong but also psychologically prepared. Here are few pointers to keep in mind when you’re preparing for a job interview:

  • Analysis of Job Requirements: Take time off to analyze the job thoroughly and understand primarily what the company expects from a prospective candidate. This helps you ascertain whether you’re qualified for the job and more importantly whether the job is what you’re looking for. Once you’re sure, list out the job requirements. Match these requirements with your assets, right from experience to on the job skills. Review these and keep them in mind, something that is sure to help you when you’re face to face with the interviewer.
  • Know the Company: Find out as much about the company as possible. Talking to present employees can be beneficial as it will help you learn more about the company culture and its present position in the market. It always helps to be well informed.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: While it might be impossible to replicate the ‘interview ambience’, it helps to practice answering basic interview questions with a friend or family member. This can help you develop a sound mindset and protect you from going blank when it comes to the real time.
Participate in mock-up interviews to better you chances

Participate in mock-up interviews to better you chances

  • The Other Factors: While these might not be chief factors in the decision making process, they undoubtedly contribute to an overall impression. The ‘Other Factors’ include dressing, punctuality and etiquette. Pay attention to what you wear so you look your best. Reach the interview location on time.  Make sure you maintain a right posture throughout. More importantly, stay relaxed at all times.
Soft Skills are pre-requisite to getting the job you desire

Soft Skills are pre-requisite to getting the job you desire

  • A Two-Way Street: Simply put, an interview is you answering the question put forward to you. But make sure to listen too when you get the chance. Be attentive and engage the person by asking questions.  Greet everyone at the interview and maintain an open two way communication stream. Professionalism tinged with a friendly tone is generally a hit.
  • The Follow Up: It helps to go the extra mile. Follow up with a thank you mail/message. Be polite and show the interviewer that this job means a lot to you. The small supplementary factors help differentiate the better from the good.

Interviews test a person on various levels. It is vital to stay prepared because it is the one shot you have at creating a lasting impression. Since every interview could be a prospective job, it helps to be honest when it matters. Knowing what you want is paramount in the entire process and make sure you stay confident throughout. Especially in your ability to deliver when it matters.

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