Why Brands Prefer Advertising on Live Internet Streams

Posted on 18 July 2012 by Shahid Shaikh

It is now a known fact that internet video will account for 91 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2014. Thus the medium of live-streamed online content is gaining momentum and is creating an increased interest not only among content producers, but advertisers who are keen to brand their client’s products online. Another reason for this is the increased live coverage of several sporting events and games on the World Wide Web. Thus more and more viewers today prefer to watch live sporting action online.

In a country like India, where sports, especially Cricket, is followed religiously by the masses, it is obvious that people would do anything to watch a live game. With broadband getting cheaper and 3G gaining popularity in India, online live streaming is already an integral part of our lives: live cricket, live Budget, live news etc. Hence, right from the Cricket World Cup to the IPL, you often get to see live content being streamed across certain websites and on mobile servers. This added boost in online viewership has helped brands focus on internet advertising. Also, during key games the rates of ad spots across TV channels shoots up drastically. However, now every new Brand in the market has an option to stick to Internet Streaming Advertising (ISA) and thus create massive brand awareness at a much lesser cost than television advertising.

Network Findings & Research Showing High Acceptability of Online Streaming

A network survey conducted by the online streaming agency Vdopia has indicated that the online content viewership has zoomed up to 459% (approx.). This is mainly because of the constant need of watching live content online which has led to more net consumer traffic over the past couple of years. While movies and film related content (viz songs, trailers) are the hottest among popular online video categories, research has also indicated that live sport events (including seasonal events, and games) have begun to dominate.
Network survey findings also speak about high acceptability of and increasing viewer interest in online video ads. High acceptability of such ads is found among those who recall seeing them — an outcome attributed, in large, to the engagement and enjoyment levels of these ads. Moreover, the surveys performed by Vdopia suggest that  brand rise is also observed when it comes to promoting their products on the live streaming scenario — 65% of viewers who were surveyed use the net for more than an hour and 45 per cent of them spend more than 30 minutes on online videos itself.

The Marriage of Internet Streaming Advertising & Sports Brands

If you run a sports company whose focus is on increasing sales of your sports goods and products, then ISA is the greatest and the most effective way to do that. Over the years as live sports content has started to flourish on websites and mobile servers, it has been observed that many sports brands have started to make use of this situation and have promoted their products during the live streaming of various sports events. Live streaming platforms during sports events also helps various brands with unique opportunities to connect with young, aware and aggressive consumers on what is essentially a youth platform. Also the number of people who are hooked on to viewing cricket matches online account for a staggering 10 million and beyond. This number is any marketer’s dream. This is the reason why we see more and more youth related brands like Axe, Gatorade, Adidas taking their promotions online and spreading an enormous recall value amidst the masses especially the youngsters.

Quantifiable Advertising in Live Streaming

Another major reason why Advertisers prefer placing Ads in Live Streaming is that it is the best and easiest way to measure the response of the campaign, something which even the Television won’t be able to accomplish. Advertisers can find out seconds after placing their ad as it all depends on the number of people who actually clicked on the advertisement and showed interest in it. Thus it makes it easier for them to determine what is actually working for them and what is not, allowing them to rectify their mistakes and improve upon it ASAP.

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