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What Is Web Advertising

Posted on 09 January 2015 by Sharal Barboza

Web advertisements are designed to create awareness and interest in a product and build a brand image. This medium requires good copywriting to sustain the interest of the surfers. These ads are focused on attracting attention which is possible only when the surfers retain interest. Internet can be advertiser’s best friend. Internet has revolutionized communication all over the world. The search engines allow the viewing of the enormous ads that were earlier restricted to the few. Web advertising is a big business. The advertisers need to be familiar with the advertising terminology and understand the different ways to measure web traffic.

Many companies use web advertising and reap great profits. An individual can advertise through his own site or buy banner advertisements on other sites. Whenever you open a site and see a long ribbon filled with various advertisements those ads are called banner ad.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and etc help you locate advertisements on the web in response to your search terms.

Web is a high involvement and interactive medium. In TV advertising you sit back and allow it to wash over you but in web advertising there is a continuous demand for decisions from you, what is commonly known as clickstream. Every click makes you think. Whether this click will lead me to the ad? Whether I want to go to that site, will it be worth it? Etc. essentially web is decision making and not relaxation.

With advanced technology available to the corporate world, web advertising is used in all possible market segments. Consumers have accepted internet as a medium of entertainment, connectivity and commerce. Whether Facebook, YouTube or twitter, you entertain the world and at the same time be connected to all your family and friends, internet has made the world a smaller place. With sites like E-bay you can buy and sell goods online. Commerce has become so easy and time saving.

Web advertising is designed to create awareness and interest in a product/service and build a brand image. Good copywriting contributes significantly in creating interest. There are so many ads on the internet that it is difficult for a surfer to go through all of them and only a few lucky ones manage to capture his attention.  In order to make the ad campaigns more interesting, the companies create interactive websites. Proctor and gamble uses a campaign “send- a- kiss” where visitors can send electronic kisses to special people in their lives on special days like valentine’s day, mother’s day etc. advertisers want web advertising that are totally interactive. If you visit any website, they ask you for your feedback or suggestions. Such interaction helps to make the surfer relate to the product.

The creative team of the ad agency has to do a lot of hard intellectual work in coming up with catchy tag lines, phrases, slogans and overall good concept for the ad.  Most of the times bright and colorful colors are used in the ads in order to capture the attention of the surfers. Also contrasting colors, black text against white background and vice-versa is used to make the ads more appealing. Photography is an important aspect of web advertising. Pictures can speak a thousand words. Effective use of photographs as and when required helps to make the ad campaign more effective.

You must have experienced that you go to a website. There is a button that says “click me” , you click on it and it leads you to a different page altogether.  Now these are interstitials, a form of web advertising which can be seen on most of the websites today. Surfing through the internet is very interesting and informative. Just a glance at a particular ad and it gets registered in your mind. Web advertising is extremely effective, especially when it comes to selling to the urban market. Children, youth, adults all are familiar with internet and use it at some point of other throughout the day. Creating ads on most visited websites like face book, twitter etc helps to create awareness about the product. Also more casual’s means of advertising like creating fan pages are also used by advertisers.

Web advertising is rapidly growing. With companies facing stiff competition in the market, every company wants to make their ad campaign work wonders for them. The surfers have to be alert because interesting and attractive ads may often manipulate the surfers. The ads may not always give correct reliable information and since the dealings are on the web there is no way to check its authenticity.

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