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Content-Writing Internship Form Input (2012 Summer)

Posted on 30 April 2011 by BMMBoxer

Congratulations once again on being selected for the BMMBox Internship Program!

For content writing, we are looking at each intern writing 25 articles of 750 (or more) words each. Articles need to be in English unless you have spoken with the InternBox Team on writing in vernacular languages. While reference is ok, ABSOLUTELY NO COPYING CONTENT FROM ANYWHERE. BMMBox team will do a sweep check of articles every week or random articles within a week and even if theres a short para or a sentence copied, your internship stands cancelled immediately. The internship duration is one month (May 1-May 31). Please do you math (we hate it too!) — 25 article submissions in 31 days! So an article a day will keep laziness away 🙂 Yes — that will keep you on your toes and get the best of your creative juices flowing! We just want to keep the June week 1 and 2 for checking and uploading content on the site so you can see your stuff go online faster! If 2 or more people post same topic, the person who posted first will get to write on it. All submissions via email in .DOC or .DOCX format only. Name the document as;

YYMMDDThe Article Title In Intercaps Like ThisYourFirsntnameLastname

eg. 20120501 – Movies Mirror The Society That Creates Them – Abhijeet Verma

Any questions? feel free to add them in the comments section right at the end of the page and we will answer them.

There are two parts for content writing;

1. Article Topic/Title Submission
2. Topic/Title Approval

1. Article Topic/Title Submission

Fill in the form in the end using the pointers below;

You may suggest any article title/topic you wish to write on — media-student related articles, media industry articles, anything to do with media or student life in general.

One form will take in only 1 title. You will need to fill in the form again for second title. This is done so that you don’t have to think of all 25-30 topics at the same time.

Why Titles and Articles Need To Be In Points Like
5 Reasons….
11 Tips…
9 Ways…
7 Tricks…
3 Things…
7 Points…

Research shows that people like to read ‘definite’ articles. Easy to read — more reader-friendly. Watch some vids below… 🙂

Introducing iPhone (The 3 Things Funda)

Present Like Steve Jobs (6 mins vid below)

Fill in as many article titles you can think of – no limits. Creative titles, wild titles, sensational titles – all welcome 🙂

2. Topic/Title Approval

Once you fill in the form, you may check in an hour or so if you title has been approved or not on this page

Titles will be approved with a ‘YES’ and you may begin writing and submit as soon as you’re done. Deadlines are really important as its a publishing entity – content needs to come in on time, everytime. 25 articles in 31 days so almost like an article a day and you can chill off the last 5 days while we prepare your certificate 🙂

Submission Deadline = 6PM Evening everyday
All emails to be sent to

Any questions? feel free to add them in the comments section right at the end of the page and we will answer them.

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