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The Best and The Bad: KBC ‘Ladki Hui’ & Hero Maestro

Posted on 13 August 2012 by Gaurav Gandhi (Contributing Writer)

Every week I’ll be reviewing ads – TVCs, print ads, banners, hoardings – and bringing to you the best and bad of the lot. The battle of the ads has begun and it is time you start to take sides! You can agree or disagree with me, but you must feel free to express that.

Here we go!

Best: KBC Ladki Hui Hai Commercial
The KBC campaign for this season is very well strategized. It focuses on the fact that you don’t need anything except education to achieve success. It has been well expressed through various commercials catering to the right target audiences. Gender discrimination is a menace in todays times. This commercial taps the target audience really well by connecting every girl who dreams to live a better life and their families to the commercial. It is on high social and moral value and Amitabh Bacchan helps it get the brownie points. It is definitely the perfect mix of right positioning, target audience, and media planning. Agency – Leo Burnett India. Link –

Bad: Hero Maestro

The tagline for Hero Maestro reads ‘Such a boy thing’ and it tries to portray the image of a scooty being the perfect ride for young boys. The idea has potential but it has not been well executed. The presence of the old man does not make much sense. The USP of the product are not highlighted and the viewer is left confused as to what the product actually is about. I’m sure the potential consumer would appreciate something better that would help increase the brand recall and increase his inclination towards the product. Overall, the does not impress. Proper justice hasn’t been done to the product and idea. Link –

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