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Posted on 14 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Tanishq One, an exclusive collection of diamond finger rings, is the latest offering by the jewellery brand in India. The “Commitment Ring” encourages lovers to express their love with an ideal gift and celebrate the special moments in their life. The brand has launched an extensive campaign throughout the social media, making its presence felt online.

The site is a refreshing one with connectivity to the viral ad as well as blog, Twitter feed, Flickr photostream, downloadable widget, Facebook page and YouTube channel. The site also takes you through the range of products which can be delivered at your convenience. The campaigns highlight “The Love Express Contest”, where the lovers need to tell why they love their partners.

Although, the brand has taken the social media route, there surely are some lessons to be learnt. For Instance: The Tanishq One viral on You Tube has been tagged ‘Final Viral Video’….only if they knew that a tag makes the search more effective, and that we all know that it’s a viral. Also, the twitter feeds are nothing but links to their blog entries, again no interaction (which twitter is meant for).

One of the few things that I love about the medium is its flexibility. For Instance, you can edit, improvise and become more effective, Nothing is constant as opposed to traditional where there are no second chances. So Tanishq can take all the above suggestions into consideration and set an example for other brands.

This brand surely deserves some commitment….

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