Sasta Hangout of the Week: Ayyappan Idli Stall

Posted on 30 August 2012 by Deep Chabbria (Contributing Writer)

Being in the Mumbai version of South India, Matunga, I was driven to taste some traditional coconut and spices from the land of classical music and learned scholars.

Matunga is the home to a number of Udipi café’s which makes it a hub for the rice lovers. This time I wanted to explore something beyond the typical filter coffee scented well established restaurants. Just taking a step out of the Matunga central station I was pulled by the scrumptious smell of awesome south Indian delicacies. My slip away search ended at an eatery called Ayyappan Idli Stall, which stands on the corner of a lane next to the station opposite the Ram Mandir. The first thing you notice about this place is its infrastructure on the footpath and then your eyes are straight away driven to the never ending menu that this joint has to offer.

This 27 year old dosa counter has been serving over 500 people every single day from 7 am – 10.30 pm relentlessly and yes at the most affordable rates I have ever seen on a Menu card.

With around 70 items on the list and a variety  in every dish I was confused as to what I should eat. You get three idli’s for INR 20 with variations in the same like Schezwan idli, Rasam Idli, Butter Idli, Mysore idli, etc. The famous Upma and Sheera is also served throughout the day. For the ones who like it fried , Medu vada and Sabudana vada are must try options. There is also an entire jain menu of around 20 items.

The uttapa section includes fancy options like pizza uttapa, spring uttapa, veg mix uttapa, etc. But I found the dosa’s to die for! Name it and you have it, from the usual sada and masala dosa to the mysore masala and palak masala, the rava and the spring dosa , it’s all there. And nothing is priced more than INR35-40 except the King of all dosa’s and my weeks treat, The Ayyapan Special dosa which is priced at INR 70. The long dosa filled with masala and spices was a rare combination of the Andhra flavour, potato mash, vegetables and a little creative touch of noodles and cabbage with a heavy cheese coating. The taste was addictive, the blend was just perfect and the unlimited chutney servings made me gulp the entire dosa even on a full stomach.

The usual aerated drinks are also available for those who like fizz even with this feast. Everything is very fresh and served hot at all times of the day and they do not believe in serving in the car. The two chutney combination and delicious sambhar that is given with every Dosa is what really makes the dish all the more relishing.

The best part of this entire experience unlike the others, is the bill. The most expensive dosa and a drink just summed up to a total of INR 82. And the brownie point is that the only thing you need to do to thank god for such a phenomenal food joint is just turn around and do the needful! Convenient isn’t it?

Khaana Rating- 10 / 10

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