Road beyond Roadies for Raghu

Posted on 09 December 2009 by BMMBoxer

The seventh season of Roadies has kick started, but one thing that’s on everyone’s mind is, will it sustain, will it be a hit without the soul of Roadies. No points for guessing, we’re talking about Raghu Ram, the mind behind the successful Roadies series. What is he doing now? Is he still with MTV? Has he joined Channel V? …Phew…we’ll take that one by one 🙂

For starters, Channel V is going to air this new reality show The Player, the promos of which have Raghu in the spotlight. But guess what, the man behind the show is Rajeev (his twin brother, who also featured with him on MTV Roadies and MTV Connect) and not Raghu. Rajeev will host as well as produce the new show for Channel V under his production house Colosseum Media (which also has Splitsvilla to its credit).

So how does it feel to venture out of the MTV camp? Rajeev tells us, “I had quit MTV some three years ago. My production house Colosseum Media was associated with the channel in the business aspects and we will continue that. My relationship with MTV is emotional than just business. MTV also provides shows outside the channel, so can we.”

Meanwhile Raghu has confirmed his split with MTV. He further added that he left MTV in May, 2009 and has been travelling since. Speaking about Roadies, he said that MTV Roadies is about a journey and not about an individual crew member.

With Raghu exploring the Roadies spirit on his break…guess it’s time to move on…

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