Indian markets gear up for Harley-Davidson bikes

Posted on 05 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Indian Markets are on the wish list of every foreign brand. Lot of foreign brands have made an entry in the market off late, and joining the bandwagon is none other than Harley-Davidson, US based Motorcycle Company.

Matthew Levatich, President of Harley-Davidson’s main motorcycle division feels this is the perfect time to launch leisure motorcycle riding due to confluence of factors like rise of middle class consumption, increased government investment in new highways and the recent economic boom.

The brand has a huge presence in the US market, but many feel is not a perfect fit for the Indian roads. Although India recently announced an ambitious plan of connecting various cities with highways, the potholed roads and the traffic-struck roads will be one of the major obstacles for the company.

The bike will be targeted towards the niches, particularly affluent Indians, for whom the biking experience and the pride of owning a Harley bike is like a dream come true. The company will sell about 12 models in India at a starting price of Approx. Rs 6, 70,000 ($14,000), twice the U.S.starting price.

The bike may rollout in the first half of 2010, as the company is still looking for suitable Indian dealers.

The biking brand seems to be in top speed to enter the world’s second largest market of bikes.

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