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Indian Cinema – Some Challenges

Posted on 16 January 2015 by Sean Andrade

Mumbai has a population of about 18 million people and is one of the most populated cities in the world.   Bollywood is very similar to Hollywood.   Aspiring models, singers, actors and actresses all come to Mumbai searching for their big break the same way people go to Hollywood search for success in the movie industry. So this industry has become a way of life to everyone living here, catching a glimpse of movie sets in streets or in malls is more than common. It’s more or less like an initiation ceremony to actually fit in society and its gossip, but as of late Indian cinema is kinda plagued with a rather dreaded illness – The Copy cat syndrome!!

Probably gone are the days where great film writers and storytellers spent what felt like millennia to perfect their creations and they took immense pride in doing so. But have you noticed the scene is rather different today, With LIMITED BUDGET FOR STORYWRITING with the rest spent on Fancy crazy special effects and overacting trying but barely capable of copying the essence of Hollywood films these films today are almost taunting us to spot the original, and every time we are watching it’s a challenge between us and the screen writer in trying to guess where it was stolen from, it’s a pastime for audiences watching Bollywood films in trying to play the guessing game.

India is known for its flamboyance and glamour, something that certainly transfers over to Indian Cinema, and it’s great we add flavours of our culture our passion to the movies we make, but we have to draw a line. Just because salt makes our food taste good doesn’t mean we marinate our food in a mountain of it, which would just leave people tasting it feel violated. Same rules applied for our cinema

We Stand at a dimension where everything around us particularly all forms of public representation are armoured with self representation editors propound, School teachers speak in homilies, parents lectured, leaders frequently asked us to rededicate our tasks to nation building and even television interviews asked everyone, including starlets, as to what their message to the youth of the country is. And With our current situations with cinema and the directions the future looks nothing more than bleak.

The year gone by saw paradigm shift in the type of Hindi films made. With the chance in the audience profile and the growing number of multiplexes it has become interactive for producers and directors to look for contemporary themes. The sentimental family dramas with endless marriage songs and teary dialogues are no more acceptable. Even the actors like to play ordinary mortals with their own set of complexities.

The Mass media and Entertainment industry is the mould on which the nation’s future shall rest, people see what we have to show, children and adults alike mimic what they perceive to be the best way to live or die mirrored entirely on the social media. And our creativity no matter if its copied or an inspiring original feed the minds of the people

Today if someone saw our mindless mirrored movies they see nothing about our culture, nothing about contemporary India, nor do they build on the Hollywood idea. And it’s sad to see the Indian parallel cinema is given no heed just because we like leaving our brains at home to watch mindless cinema

But on the brighter side we do have a budding short film scene, people willing to squish every last drop of creativity out of their brains to give birth to a species of mind teasing imagination tickling movies. It’s a movement worth giving your life for, another freedom struggle in its birth, just to bring our nation somewhere close to Culture enriching cinema. Search for friends who inspire you, who aspire to challenge you. Record everything you do try out something different for a change, and challenge the change don’t change the challenge.

Remember there is always something new, some stone never turned, some story never told. The question is you the one who could seize that little tale to your advantage. Read Books, make friends and even more enemies. Talk to people about everything even your past is a good story it’s just how you tell it. Do whatever you need to, to unleash that beast from within to go that extra mile. Because you are shaping the future, you just don’t know it yet. Be the innovators, not imitators

Media is the Minds favourite food so feed it well, you don’t want indigestion now do you

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