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Happy Birthday Google!

Posted on 27 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

The search engine giant, Google, turns eleven this September. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin way back in September, 1998. Google celebrated its 11th anniversary with one of its lovable Google’s doodle. Google released a special misspelt version of its logo – apparently to mark 11 years since the company was founded.

The exact birth date of Google is not known. Though it had been registered on September 15, the search engine does not have a fixed day. Last year it had celebrated its birthday on September 2. Apparently, Google celebrates its birthday in September, but takes a call on the day every year.

Google dominates the search engine market in various parts of the world. In the past 11 years, it has revolutionized the online world with products like Google search engine, Gmail, Google maps, You Tube, Google Analytics and Chrome…

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