Faculty Interview: Ms. Manjula Srinivas, Co-ordinator, KCBMM

Posted on 04 March 2013 by BMMBoxer

Manjula Ma'am

Manjula Ma'am

In our first faculty interview (BMM co-ordinators) in a series of 3, we touched base with Ms. Manjula – Co-ordinator, KCBMM. This soft-spoken lady kindly spoke to us about the importance of the BMM course, what sets it apart from the rest and told us why KCBMM is different from BMM offered in other colleges.

Excerpts from the interview

1. What according to you sets BMM apart from other graduation courses?

Other graduation courses are theoretical, whereas, BMM has practical components that set it apart from the rest. The structure of this course is such that a student will get hands-on experiences that will help him/her in his/her academic + professional life.

2. What skill sets must a student have if he/she wishes to take up BMM after standard 12?

I think this question is not valid in the present context because Mumbai University does not allow colleges to admit students on basis of an entrance exam. As per norms we are required to admit students on basis of merit alone. If you ask me ‘what kind of students should take this course up’ then I’d say that those who are good at writing, those who excel in various forms of communications and are good with creativity – in terms of designing, writing, presenting something in an interesting manner, should take this course up.

3. How do BMM students who seek entry into the professional media world benefit from this course?

According to me, assignments for all 36 papers that cover all genres like photography, creative writing, marketing, management, understanding cinema, and so on give students a thorough understanding of various aspects of the media world.  Further on, choosing the right specialisation in the third year and interning at a company of choice between the second year and third year break helps students understand what they are good at and what kind of work they enjoy.

4. How much weightage would you place on fests and academics in the BMM course structure?

70:30. But then again, one has to theoretically sound to apply all the knowledge practically. And for this one must be thorough in the syllabus and must excel at each module by the end of the term.

5. Some BMM myths you’d like to break?

One BMM myth I’d like to break is that fests are not life. They are an integral part of BMM as students learn a lot – people skills, management of finance, they get a chance to network and so on, but all this does not help beyond a point.

I think students need to focus on projects more and while theories might be redundant because the University has not updated the syllabus, students can make projects keeping in mind today’s requirements, changes, etc.

6. What sets KCBMM apart from BMM as offered by other colleges?

I’d say that KCBMM has stability. For one, our department and most of our faculty has not changed in 13 years. This proves to be a strong base for the course.

Additionally, I have made program difficult by incorporating essential extra components like a Certificate Course, a Program on Contemporary Issues that has been running since 8-9 years now and has been well accepted by professionals. The fact that KC students must take up compulsory internships has proved greatly beneficial too. Our two newspapers – Scribe (serious) and Slubberdigulligan (chit-chatty) gives students a platform to showcase their talents.

I don’t believe in just theoretical knowledge. I believe in challenging my students by giving them challenging projects that they are required to submit within strict deadlines and it is this that pushes them to excel.

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