Faculty Interview: Mr. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, Co-ordinator, Thakur BMM

Posted on 22 March 2013 by BMMBoxer

In our final interview (in a series of 3), we interview Prof. Deepak Kumar Tiwari, the co-ordinator of BMM at Thakur College. He shares his thoughts on the course, on what sets BMM apart and how withing 3 years, Thakur BMM has managed to gain a strong foothold.

Prof. Deepak Kumar Tiwari

Prof. Deepak Kumar Tiwari

1. What according to you sets BMM apart from other graduation courses?

I think BMM is a versatile course. We have leadership and management skills being taught which gradually develops the student’s innate ability to excel. With the variety of subjects you can call it the ‘Master of All’.  It is also an extremely flexible course.  Also, it opens a number of options for the students to choose from.

2. What skill sets must a student have if he/she wishes to take up BMM after 12th?

Good communication skills. He/she should have reading habits. Good command over languages is a must. One should be interested in consuming media as much as possible. He/she has to be an extrovert and must be able to convince people, because at the end of the day they will have to work for an audience.

3. How do BMM students seeking entry into the professional media world benefit from this course?

BMM, being a combination of all the subjects, enables the students to explore their potential to be future media professionals. Subjects ranging from Public Relations to Creative Writing help the students to understand what they’re good at.

4. How much weightage would you place on fests, extra curriculars and academics in the BMM course structure?

This course was started with a belief of it being a practical as well as a theoretical course. One should be enthusiastic about the extra-curricular activites as well because just studying won’t take any BMM student anywhere. This is because we are trying to develop certain skill sets. And skill sets cannot be mugged.

5. Some BMM myths you would like to break?

You don’t have to study. It becomes very easy for other departments to state so, at times. But it’s absolutely false. Coping up with 36 subjects in 3 years is not an easy deal.

6. What sets BMM as offered by Thakur College apart from BMM as offered by other colleges?

Keeping in mind that we are just three years old, I think the level of interaction and understanding between the students and the faculty is extremely strong. And in these 3 years we have been successful enough to pull off an international short film festival. Plus we are soon going to have our own editing studio!

I always encourage my students to put themselves at the fore front as I feel being a confident person is extremely important in this field. I wish and hope all my students get enough opportunities to showcase their talents and thus excel.

Enjoyed reading Prof. Tiwari’s views? If you’d like us to interview your college co-ordinator and highlight the efforts of the BMM department of your college on BMMBox.com, then drop us an email at connect@bmmbox.com. Do mention the following details in the email: Co-ordinator’s Name, College, Subject taught, Co-ordinator’s email address/mobile number.

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