Facebook faces legal consequences for violating norms

Posted on 03 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Facebook may be a popular hangout for youth, but it has now caught some undue attention from an anti tobacco activist has served a notice to the website, accusing it of “promotion of smoking culture” through its web pages.

Even though Facebook restricts advertisements of tobacco products through paid advertisement on its website, it promotes the same through its Fan Pages and groups, claims Hemant Goswami.

“Contrary to the claims, Facebook allows promotion of smoking culture through advertisements. We have sent a copy of links of such examples which are considered an offence under the Indian law to M/s Facebook,” he added.

Goswami said India’s law on tobacco control has a provision for imprisonment of up to five years for violations relating to prohibition of promotion or advertisement of tobacco products and brands.
Hemant Goswami is a member of the union health ministry’s National Steering Committee on Tobacco Control. He has been working for the cause for several years now and is very serious in his pursuit to end this kind of promotion of tobacco brands and tobacco products on social networking sites like Facebook.

Facebook may face ban in India, if they are not able to defend themselves.

Let’s hope the Social Networking site has enough networks to save itself…..

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