Detour 2012. The CP & VCP Share Their Thoughts

Posted on 12 December 2012 by BMMBoxer

Lights. Camera. Detour.

The most awaited festival every BMM student looks forward to is at last just a few days away. Honoring 100 years of its existence and growth of Indian Cinema, Jai Hind College brings to you the most enthralling and thrilling 3 days as Detour this year only plans to get bigger and better, promising everyone the most dramatic and action packed festival of 2012.

This festival is the baby of 13 bright and exceptional SY students who with the assistance of their batch-mates are working day and night to get this festival going.

This year Detour has a male chairperson, Shubhang Bhattacharya. While in a conversation with him, we ask him how the theme of ‘100 years of Cinema’ came along and this is what he has to say, “The theme underwent a lot of changes. We knew we wanted to do something mainstream and along the lines of media but our initial ideas seemed too vague.”

Nishtha Bijlani, the Co-Chairperson for Detour this year adds, “Being a media festival, movies are an integral medium of communication and thus we decided to do something revolving around the notion of cinema. We always wanted to have a mainstream theme but at the same time a kind of theme that would excite other colleges and get them interested to participate and give in their best.”

Shubhang continues, “Later with suggestions from our coordinator, Dr S. Varalakshmi and enthusiastic seniors we closed upon, ‘100 years of Cinema’ This theme was in the real sense one of a kind as it cannot be reiterated again and went perfectly with the feel of Detour.”

When asked about his core team, Shubhang has only good things to say, “The core team started functioning and executing their assigned responsibilities without Nishtha or me having to push them to get it done. Every single person in this core has been actively involved in Detour and knows how much it means to everyone.”

Nishtha sums it up well when she says, “The common link of love for Detour and the quest to make it better than the rest connected us, made us put all our differences aside and convinced us to function as a strong and determined team.”

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