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By The Lighthouse by Shwetal Shah

Posted on 08 January 2012 by BMMBoxer

I just got up to refill my cup of coffee.

I had been toiling hard all day to finish my book “My lighthouse dates.” I decided I have to complete this novel that I have been writing since I saw her in my dreams and promised her that the world will get to know of the most beautiful love story anyhow in this week. It was time it saw the light of the day and people could read this story- my love story. And all of a sudden lightning struck, the windows started stuttering, light kept flickering and strong breeze started going in and fro through the window, all the coffee spilled and the pages from my unfinished novel started opening and I heard a voice. It was as if she was talking to me through that book, I was taken aback, shocked and hesitant when she said “I’m waiting for you, come to where we used to always meet.”

It was a dark and stormy night when I ventured into the forest, the only way to reach the lighthouse, with a dim torch in my hand and fright in my heart, I somehow gathered the courage to go and meet her, a place we had discovered together in our heydays, when we had no care in the world and ventured to different places and found so many such unique places. But this was a special place. This is where I had proposed to her and we had made promises of dying in each other’s arms. I always come to this place when I’m low and I know that she’s going to be there like always, dancing, singing and hearing me out, who knew that one day she’ll be killed in the local fight between ours and the neighbouring town, while waiting for me.

It’s been 25 years since that incident and she has kept her word and always waits for me, I couldn’t find anyone like her and we still are in a relationship. My neighbours think I’m some weird person, who only keeps to himself, talks to himself, keeps going to the forest and so keep away from me, what they don’t know is I have everything that they lack in- true love, true support. And I know she’s that bright star who’s shedding the light on me and showing me the way through life and through this forest.

“You forgot right?” “No honey, how can I?

I was slogging all day to complete the novel so I could gift it to you on our 19th anniversary and I still love you, this is our love, that we both want to share with the whole world, with hatred all around, we have to foster back the emotion of love in people and tell them it exists and after we lay under the sky, talking for hours like we always do, with the rain to add to the romance I return back to finish the greatest fairytale of them all – our conversations by the lighthouse – the symbol of our love.

– Shwetal Shah

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