Allen Solly’s flash mob strategy for ‘I Hate Ugly’ campaign

Posted on 02 November 2009 by BMMBoxer

Advertisers can do anything to attract eyeballs for their brand, and the latest strategy which is a hit amongst the crowd seems to be the flash mob strategy. The strategy refers to hiring a few people, who would assemble at crowded places and perform an unusual act. Last weekend Allen Solly got 100 live models to stand still at Noida’s Great India Place mall and flaunt their latest range of casual clothing.

The strategy was part of the brands ‘I Hate Ugly’ campaign designed by TBWA Group. Vinod Vijaykumar, general manager (south and west) of Tequila, part of TBWA Group said, “It was (a) great idea for visual merchandising. All these smartly dressed models just froze in the middle of whatever they were doing at the mall. Whether it was drinking coffee, applying make-up, talking on the phone or walking. So shoppers were a little startled at first, but figured things out when they saw the Allen Solly tags.”

The officials believed that the medium gave them great exposure and allowed them to showcase 100 different garment pieces at the same time, which would have been impossible otherwise. Experts also believe that the efficiency of the medium also depends on the actors as well as element of surprise which holds on to people at crowded places.

In the past, Colors (Big Boss), Shoppers Stop, 7Up (brand promotion) and Channel [V] (Channel Makeover, Kurkure (brand promotion) have also cashed on the concept.

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