After the smallest car, it’s the cheapest water purifier for Tata Group

Posted on 09 December 2009 by BMMBoxer

After the introduction of Tata Nano (the smallest and the cheapest car in India by far), Tata group has ventured into the purifier market. Tata group has announced the launch of Tata Swach, the world’s cheapest water purifier.

Tata Swach would be a direct competition to Unilever’s Pureit (which was recently in news for its massive advertising campaigns). Swach will be promoted through Tata’s well established distribution network. The purifier has been jointly developed by Tata group companies including, Tata Chemicals, TCS and Titan. The investment in the project is estimated to be a whooping Rs. 100 crore for the manufacturing itself.

At the time of the launch, the chairman of the Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata said, “The quest is not to create the cheapest products. Our focus is on accessing the largest number of people.”

Tata group officials further added that the purifier is aimed at curbing the water-related diseases. Tata aims to provide affordable safe drinking water to 3 million households across India, during the coming five years.

Speaking more about the purifier, Tata officials said, “Tata Swach is Built around a bulb-like water purifier, made of natural elements such as rice husk ash filled with nano-silver particles, which is designed to function without electric power or running water. The cartridge bulb can kill bacteria and disease causing organisms with the help of a purification medium. It can purify up to 3,000 litres of water, after which the cartridge stops water flow. The Company has filed fifteen patents for the technology and product.”

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