Travel: The Couture Way of Living!!!

Posted on 27 June 2010 by BMMBoxer

One of my passions from the ever growing list is TRAVEL. I am always on the prowl through brochures, pamphlets, while surfing the net on travel websites; reliving the moments that I have captured in the past or an attempt to what the future travels behold.

I try and find a home away from mine in all these places. This fascination for new places and new memories has been imbibed into me by my parents. Since I was a kid I have been a travel freak developing the passion to bring out the essence in the new and old, seen and unseen places. I might even be found taking different routes to the same destination thanks to my craze for new experiences. My dad also loves the different avenues and aspects of traveling and I do share similar thought.

Basically quality time spent matters way above quantity of time spent. So may it be with friends or with family; for a day or 10days; quality sustains them all!!
At times when I am unable to make to trip or plans happen to fizzle out due to unavoidable circumstances I glance through travel info documents or websites and create a world of my own. Travel is definitely my stress buster and acts anti-depressants on quite a few occasions.

My next plan is to go pack back on my own. I want to experience the feeling of being by oneself in an unknown land.

And that thrill is yet to be seen…..

Gargi Waghdare

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