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My Name Is Ritwik Borthakur

BMM From SIES (Nerul)

Specialization Advertising

Year Completed BMM 2006

Other Educational Qualifications (PG/UG/Etc) MBA (Marketing)

Status Single


Professional Experience 3 years

You Currently Work At ISMT Ltd. – Branding & Communications – Asst. V.P.

Your daily routine Liaison with ad agencies, exhibition organizers, Publication houses and other vendors.  Meetings with senior management. Emails and more emails. Presentations. Occasional trips to Plants

Organization(s) You Worked At Before SparkleWork Films – Production – Assistant Director (2nd)

Key Projects/Campaigns You’ve Been Part Of

1. For ISMT Ltd: All brand building activities, corporate films, Project Management for participation in several exhibitions worldwide.

2. For TAAL Ltd: Corporate Re-branding exercise and Project Management for participation in Aero India 2011

3. For Indian Seamless Group: Corporate Brand Identity Creation

4. For SparkleWork Films: Pre and Post Production for (a) Bid2Win – reverse bidding show for TV (b) TV commercial for Asian Lights

Most challenging project/campaign you’ve been part of? What made it challenging?

Project Management for Power-Gen Europe (an exhibition held in Cologne, Germany). It was my first major international assignment and I had to work with a team that had people from different background (Stand building, Graphic design, Printing, Logistics, Hospitality, Production, Marketing, Finance etc.), stationed at different countries. Managing a gamut of activities with people across different time zones was challenging.

How did you start your career? What was your first step after completing BMM?

I was clueless what I wanted to do with my life till the 3rd year of BMM. One short film (that I made for Frames Film Festival 2006) changed all that. I knew I had to make films. So the first thing I did after BMM was to join a Production House and started assisting a TV producer/director.

Were you clear about which field you wanted to get into right from the beginning? What helped you take your leaps?

I joined BMM after 4 medical entrance exams, 3.5 months of engineering and 7 days of BSC. That should say a lot about how confused I was. Back then … Med, Engg, Archi, were the only “sensible” things to do for science grad.

I joined BMM because of 2 reasons (in addition to the fact that I had to do something quick). (a) It had Psychology in its 1st Semester and I had taken a fancy for the subject reading some books (b) the course content gave me an impression that it will teach me a little bit of everything … and that’s what I was looking for (not knowing what i wanted in particular) …

Regular projects, change in subjects every semester, Films and more films, college festivals, doing odd internships in summer breaks helped me take leaps. I didn’t have a plan. I know my moment of clarity came when I made my first short film. But I can only connect the dots in retrospect.

Any particular incident that helped you discover your career option?

The short film and the entire BMM experience helped me understand what I wanted to do. But my professional experience in the film and TV industry helped me understand about my career options.


Does being a BMMite give you an edge over others? Yes/No – Please elaborate

Yes .. I think for career based on liberal arts and sciences … it helps. I think it might also help one to discover oneself for the course is diverse and gives you a feel of everything.

Do the subjects in BMM help you know the reality of the job? Is there any place for theory in the industry you’re in?

Subjects give you a birds eye view. It will tell you where the pool is, show you the water, tell you stories about people who’ve been good or bad swimmers, suggest necessary equipment and may even give you some simulated survival tactics.

BMM or BMM from a particular college? Does it make a difference?

Yes it does. In addition to the “brand” of the institution itself, the quality of faculty, guest lecturers, industry interaction etc matter.

Did you complete any internship(s) – where, when, how was the experience?

In Boch&Ferns as a copywriter.

Internships during BMM – are they relevant in the long run?

Relevant for the short run. Important if you are seeking clarity. I would recommend an internship in every break.

Work Ex or Higher Studies? What’s your pick? Why?

Work Ex first .. Higher studies later. (and not the other way around).


BMM is What you make of it.

Your biggest achievement till date None to really brag about.

You regret None so far.

Your favorite subject in BMM Your hangout adda during BMM Understanding Cinema

Your hangout adda during BMM RD (Raj Dairy), Tiger’s Den and Coll. Canteen (in SIES Nerul)

Define your job in one sentence Making the Organization look good.

Your favorite professor at college I’ll let this pass.

Your biggest goof up at work I’m sure there are many but I can’t think of one in particular


The journey so far…and where I see myself going Has been great …. I see myself discovering something new everyday

My Success Mantra Believe

5 Tips for BMMites

1. Have Fun
2. Experiment
3. Be flexible
4. Enjoy the journey
5. Believe

You can reach me http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=899405332

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