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TYBMM Advertising Semester 6 Reference Books

Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Third Year BMM Advertising Semester VI

1. Advertising and Marketing Research

Harper W Boyd, Ralph Westfall and Stanley F Stasch, Marketing research – text and cases – Irwin 2000.
Alan D Fletcher and Tomas A Bower, Fundamentals of advertising research -Wadsworth publishing 1991.

2. Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics

P.B. Sawant and P.K. Bandyopadhyaya, Advertising laws and ethics – universal law publishing company.
Vidisha Barua, Press and Media : law manual – ULP co.
Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders; (1957) McKay.
Jean Kilbouroe, Can’t buy my love.
Jean Kilbourne, Still killing us softly.

3. Financial Management for Marketing and Advertising

Charles Horngren, Introduction to management accounting -Prentice Hall
L.M. Pandey, Financial management – Vikas publishing
P.V. Rathnam, Financial management and management accounting – Kitab Mahal
James Van Horne, Financial management and policy – Prentice Hall
Schall and Haley, Introduction to Financial management – Tata McGraw Hill
T. lucey, Management accounting – D.P. publications
M.Y. Khan and P.K. Jam, Financial management text and problems – Tata McGraw Hill

4. Agency Management:

Wes Perrin, Advertising Realities: A Practical Guide to Agency Management. Mayfield Publishing Co. 1992
C. Nugent Wedding and Richard S. Lesler, Advertising Management. Ronald Press 1962.
Eric G. Morgan, Choosing and using advertising agencies – Business books 1974
M. N. Mishra – Sales Promotion and Advertising – Himalaya Publishing.
George Belch and Michael Belch -Advertising and Promotion – McGraw- Hill
Rathor B.S. Advertising Management – Himalaya Publications

5. The Principles and Practices of Direct Marketing:

Martin Christopher, Adrian Payne and David Ballantyne, Relationship marketing Butterworth Heinemann 1991
Robin Fairlie, Database marketing and direct mail. – Exley publications 1990
Jim Sterne and Anthony Priore, E-Mail marketing – John Wiley and sons 2000
Francis Buttlc. Relationship marketing – theory and practice – Paul Chapman, Publishing limited 1996.
Ken Burnett, The hand book of key customer relationship management – Financial times Prentice Hall 2001

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TYBMM Advertising Semester 5 Reference Books

Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Third Year BMM Advertising Semester V

1. Advertising in contemporary Issues:

Philip R Cateora and John L Graham, International marketing- Irwin McGraw Hill 1999
D. Lamont Handbook of global marketing-Infinity books 2000
William F Arens and Courtland L Bovee, Contemporary advertising- Irwin 1994
Philip Kotler and Eduardo L Roberto, Social marketing-strategies for changing public behavior – The free press- 1989
Paul Timmers, Electronic commerce – Strategies and models for business to business trading – John Wiley and sons 1999
Dave Chaffey, Richard Mayer, Kevin Johnston and Fiona Ellis Chadwick, Internet marketing – Financial times- Prentice Hall
Mica Nava, Andrew Blake, lain Macrury and Barry Richards, Buy this book- Studies in advertising and consumption -Routledge 1997
Jib Fowles, Advertising and Popular Culture. -Sage Publications 1996
Mary Cross, Advertising and Culture – Praeger 1996
Elioise Coupey, Marketing and the internet- Prentice Hall 2001
Roxanne Hovland and Gary B. Wilcox Lincolnwood Advertising in Society: Classic and Contemporary Readings on Advertising’s Role in Society, NTC Business Books. 1989
Neil Barrett, Getting your message across the World Wide Web

2. Copywriting:

Arthur A winters and Shirley F Milton, The creative connection: ad copy writing and idea visualization- Fairchild publications- 1989
Herschel Gordon Lewis , On the art of writing copy-Amacom 2000
Luke Sullivan, Hey Whipple, squeeze this -A guide to creating great ads – John Wiley and sons 1998
Robert W Bly, The copywriter’s handbook – Henry Holt and company 1985
James L. Marra, advertising Creativity: Techniques for Generating Ideas -Prentice- Hall 1990
Hank Seiden, advertising Pure and Simple -Macmillan 1963
John Caples, Tested advertising methods.

3. Advertising Design:

Ed. Andre jute ,Graphic design in the computer age – series of 8 books:
Illustration-Vicky squires
Color- Andre jute
Video graphics -Hugh skinner
Publications- Andre jute
Presentations-Bi\\ Murphy
Design solutions-Linda Reed
Typography-Giant Shipcott
Corporate image-Amanda Barrett
Conway Lloyd Morgan .Packaging design, -Rotovision 1997
V.S. Rege, Advertising-art and ideas
Kathleen Ziegler and nick Greco, Digitalink-digital design and advertising – Dimensional illustrators 1996
Jeanne Alien, Designer’s guide to color – volumes 1, 2 and 3. -chronicle books 1986
Mike Quon- Business graphics – PBC international publications 1995
The design library series – Rockport publishers 1996. Series of 9 books:
Logo and letterhead
Business card
Print’s best logos and symbols-R. C. Publications 2000
Hugh Marshall – Art Directing Photography – Quarts Publishing P/c
Don Sparkman – Selling of Grahic Design – Allworth Press

4. Consumer Behavior:

Leon G Schiffman, Consumer behavior – Leslie Lazar Kanuk
Loudon, David and Dela Consumer behavior – Beta Albert
Max Sutherland and Alice K Sylvester, Advertising and the mind of the consumer Kogen page 2000

5. Media Planning and Buying:

Jack Z. Sissors and Jim Surmanek, Advertising Media Planning – Grain Books 1976
James R Adams, Media planning- Business books 1977

6. Brand Building:

David A Aaker, Building strong brands – The free press 1996
Deirdre Breakenridge, Cyber branding- Financial times – Prentice Hall 2001
Harvard business review on brand management – Harvard business school press 1999
Andreas Buchholz and Wolfram Wordemann What makes winning brands different
John Philip Jones What’s in a brand? – Building brand equity through advertising – Tata McGraw hill 2001
Al Ries and Laura Ries, The 11 immutable laws of internet branding- Harper Collins 2001
Susannah Hart and John Murphy, Brands- the new wealth creators – Macmillan business 1998

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BMM Semester 4 Reference Books

Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Second Year B.M.M. Semester IV

1. Mass Media Research:

Kothari; Research Methodology; Wiley Eastern Ltd.
Dixon, Bouma, Atkinson; A Handbook of Social Science Research; Oxford University Press
Reffe, Daniel; Lacy, Stephen and Fico, Fredrick; Analyzing Media Message(1998); Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Gunter, Barrie; Media Research Methods; (2000); Sage
Wimmer and Dominick; Mass Media Research
De Fleur; Milestones in Mass Communication Research

2. Organizational Behavior:

Tossi, Rizzo and Carrol; Handbook of organizational behavior; Infinity Books
Robbins, S.P; Organizational Behavior : concepts, controversies, applications’, (1999); Prentice Hall
Luthans, Fred; Organizational Behavior, 8th edition; Irwin McGraw Hill
Newstron and Davis; Organizational Behavior : Human behavior at work; 10th edition; ( 1997); Tata McGraw Hill
Fisher, Dalmer; Communication in the Organization; 2nd edition; (1999); Jaico Publishing

3. Understanding Cinema:

Note – The list of suggested reference has been provided only as a guideline for the faculty.

Ed. Bill Nichols; Movies and Method; 2 Volumes; University of California, Press 1976
Gaston Roberge; Chitra Bani: A Book on Film appreciation
Cherry Potter, Secker and Warburg; Image, Sound and Story – The art of telling in Film; 1990
Gaston Roberge; The Ways of Film Studies; Ajanta Publications; 1992
Gerald Mart; A short history of the Movies; The University of Chicago Press 1981
Erik Barnouw and S. Krishnaswamy; Indian Film; Oxford University, Press, 1980
Torben Grodal; Moving Pictures; Oxford University Press, 1997

4. Radio and Television:

Wurtzel; Television Production
Zettle; Television Production Handbook; 7th edition.
Zachariah, Aruna; Communication Media and Electronic Revolution; (1996); Kanishka
Bhatt, S.C; Satellite Invasion of India; (1994); Gyan Publishing House
Ed. Goonasekera and Lee, S.N; Television without borders; (1998); Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Roland, W.D; Watkins; Interpreting Television; (1984); Sage
Burton, Graeme; Talking Television; (2000); Arnold
Michael Talbot-Smith, Audio explained, -Focal press 2000
Alec Nisbett, The techniques of the sound studio-Focal press 1987
Julian Nathan, Back to basics audio-Butterworth-Heinemann l998

5. Print Production and Photography:

Mitchell Beazley – The Art of Colour Photography – Octopus Publishing Group Ltd.
John Hedgecoe- John Hedgecoe’s Creative Photography-Collins and Brown
M. Beazely-John hedgecoe’s Workbook of Darkroom Techniques-Red International Books Ltd.
Steve Bavister -Digital Photography-Collin’s and Brown Ltd, 2000
John Hedgecoe- John Hedgecoe’s Basic Photography -Collin’s and Brown Ltd, 2000

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BMM Semester 3 Reference Books

Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Second Year B.M.M. Semester III

1. Introduction to Advertising:

Handbook of advertising; Herschel Gordon Lewis and Carol Nelson; NTC Business books 2000
Advertising- principles and practice- William Wells, John Burnett and Sandra Moriarty- Prentice Hall 1995
Contemporary advertising; William F Arens and Courtland L Bovee; Irwin 1994
Kleppner’s advertising procedure Thomas Russell and Ronal lane – Prentice Hall,1999.
Getting your message across the World Wide Web – Neil Barrett

2. Introduction to Journalism:

Mencher, Melvin; News Reporting and Writing, 7th edition; (1997); Columbia University Press
Ed. Boyce, George; Curran, James; Wingate, Pauline; Newspaper History from the 17th century lo the present day; ( 1978); Sage
Wilson, John; Understanding Journalism; (1996); Routledge
Mazumdar, Aurobindo; Indian Press and Freedom Struggle; (1993); Orient Longman
Parthasarthy, Ramaswamy; Here is the News; (1994); Sterling
Brumley and O’Malley; A Journalism Reader; ( 1997); Routledge
Howard, T; News : A Reader; (1991)-, OUP
Williams, Francis; Dangerous Estate; (1957); Longman
Dhavan, Rajeev; Only the Good News; (1987); Bharat Enterprises
Sarkar, R.C.S; The Press in India; (1984); S. Chand and Co. Ltd.
Raghavan, G.N.S; PTI Story; (1987); Indraprastha Press
Rao, Amiya and Rao, B.G.; The Press she could not whip; (1977); Popular Prakashan
Srinivasan. R; Crusaders of the 4th Estate; (1989); Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
Smith, Anthony; The News – An International History; (1979); Thames and Hudson
Hohenberg; The professional Journalist

3. Introduction to Public Relations

A Handbook of Public Relations and Communication – Lesle Philip
Handbook of Media and Public Relations – Judith Ridgway
This is PR – the realities of Public Relations – Newson, Turk, Kruckeberg (Thomas Asia PTE Ltd)
Dynamics of Public Relations – Arya Ashok-Manas Publications, Delhi
Corporate Public Relations The Profession and the Practice, Brown and Benchmark – K. R. Balan – Sterling Baskin Otis, Craig Aronoff, Dan Lattimore – Public Relations (A Times Mirror Company), 1997
Effective Public Relations – Cutlip and Center
A practical Handbook of Public Relations – Cole Robert
Introduction to Mass Communication – Emery, Ault and Gee
Public Relations Today – Ghosh Subin
The Practice of Public Relation – Howard Edward
Public Relations in India – Kaul J. M.
Teach Yourself Public Relations – Llyod Herbert
Making it in Public Relations – Mogel Leonard-Collier Books Macmillan Publishing Company, New York

4. Introduction to Media Studies:

Baran and Davis; Mass Communication theory; (2000); Thomas-Wadsworth
Fiske; Introduction to Communication Studies; (1982)
Infante, Rancer and Womack; Building Communication Theory; 2nd edition; (1993); Waveland Press
Berger; Media Analysis Techniques

5. Introduction to Culture Studies:

Keesing; Cultural Anthropology
Lienhardt, Godfrey; Social Anthropology
Baran; Introduction to Mass Communication
Ed. During, Simon; The Cultural Studies Reader
Bronowski, J; Ascent of Man

6. Introduction to Creative Writing

The anatomy of Drama Boulton, Marjorie
On Writing the Short Story (Harper and Row) Burnett, Halie
Fiction Writer’s Handbook (Harper and Row) Burnett, Hallie
The Way to Write Novels (Elm Tree Books) Kitchen, Paddy
Poetry in the Making (Faber) Hughes, Ted
The Creative Writer (Writer’s Digest, Cincinnati, Ohio) – Mathieu, Aron M. (Ed.)
The Writer’s Handbook (The Writer Inc. Boston) Burack, A. S. (Ed.)
Brief Handbook for Writers (Prentice Hall) Howell, James and Dean, Memering
Hints for Young Writers (Thomas Y. Crowell Co. N. Y.) Marden, Orison Swett
The Writer’s Art (George Newnes Ltd.) Warren C. Henry

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