TYBMM Advertising Semester 6 Reference Books

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Third Year BMM Advertising Semester VI

1. Advertising and Marketing Research

Harper W Boyd, Ralph Westfall and Stanley F Stasch, Marketing research – text and cases – Irwin 2000.
Alan D Fletcher and Tomas A Bower, Fundamentals of advertising research -Wadsworth publishing 1991.

2. Legal Environment and Advertising Ethics

P.B. Sawant and P.K. Bandyopadhyaya, Advertising laws and ethics – universal law publishing company.
Vidisha Barua, Press and Media : law manual – ULP co.
Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders; (1957) McKay.
Jean Kilbouroe, Can’t buy my love.
Jean Kilbourne, Still killing us softly.

3. Financial Management for Marketing and Advertising

Charles Horngren, Introduction to management accounting -Prentice Hall
L.M. Pandey, Financial management – Vikas publishing
P.V. Rathnam, Financial management and management accounting – Kitab Mahal
James Van Horne, Financial management and policy – Prentice Hall
Schall and Haley, Introduction to Financial management – Tata McGraw Hill
T. lucey, Management accounting – D.P. publications
M.Y. Khan and P.K. Jam, Financial management text and problems – Tata McGraw Hill

4. Agency Management:

Wes Perrin, Advertising Realities: A Practical Guide to Agency Management. Mayfield Publishing Co. 1992
C. Nugent Wedding and Richard S. Lesler, Advertising Management. Ronald Press 1962.
Eric G. Morgan, Choosing and using advertising agencies – Business books 1974
M. N. Mishra – Sales Promotion and Advertising – Himalaya Publishing.
George Belch and Michael Belch -Advertising and Promotion – McGraw- Hill
Rathor B.S. Advertising Management – Himalaya Publications

5. The Principles and Practices of Direct Marketing:

Martin Christopher, Adrian Payne and David Ballantyne, Relationship marketing Butterworth Heinemann 1991
Robin Fairlie, Database marketing and direct mail. – Exley publications 1990
Jim Sterne and Anthony Priore, E-Mail marketing – John Wiley and sons 2000
Francis Buttlc. Relationship marketing – theory and practice – Paul Chapman, Publishing limited 1996.
Ken Burnett, The hand book of key customer relationship management – Financial times Prentice Hall 2001

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