The old new Dalda

Posted on 07 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Dalda Ghee entered markets in late 1930’s. The brand is a household name and has been serving the nation for more than 75 years now.

The brand has recently been given a makeover by Shombit Sengupta. The brand once owned by HUL is currently owned by Bunge India Pvt Ltd. Videh Kr Jaipuriar, vice-president, foods business, Bunge India Pvt Ltd, said, “This is a big change in the history of the brand, which we internally studied for the last three years. Dalda has earned respect because of its quality and consistency apart from the nostalgic platform.”

New York’s agro- business giant Bunge, which bought the Dalda brand from Hindustan Unilever Ltd ( HUL) in 2003, will be investing Rs 22 crore in the next two years for promotions.

Currently, the Dalda brand comprises 60 per cent of vanaspati ghee and 40 per cent of edible oils.” Our target is to reverse the ratio in the next two years,” said Bunge India vice- president ( foods division) Videh Jaipuriar while announcing the launch of the new logo and package. He added the company has increased its focus on refined edible oil and plans to achieve a market share of up to four per cent in the next two years in the branded Indian edible oils market, from the current two per cent market share.

The company said all Dalda oil variants will be now fortified with vitamins A, D and E. Apart from vitamins, the oils also have higher level of anti-oxidants.

The product range has been launched in Kolkata and Delhi and will be rolled out nationally over the next few weeks.

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