The Coolest Indian Social Media Campaigns of Quarter 1, 2013

Posted on 20 July 2013 by BMMBoxer

With Social Media being increasingly used as a marketing tool, companies are plugging in to keep in touch with consumers to inform them, to research or give them news or information and to promote their products through this medium. About half the social-media savvy organizations spend one to five per cent of their marketing budgets on social media. Here’s an interesting article published on Lighthouse Insights by Vinaya Naidu, on how some companies have used Social Media creatively to promote their products. We have shortlisted the best 5 out of 18 campaigns. These campaigns have been creative as well as aligned to the objective.

5 Of the Coolest Indian Social Media Campaigns of Quarter 1, 2013

The first quarter of this year has been an exciting one with brands from all sectors using multiple social media platforms to drive home the message.

1. Xperia Z promotions by Sony India: The new Sony Xperia Z launched this March, created quite a stir on social media with Katrina Kaif, the brand’s new face. Along with a dedicated microsite, Twitter buzz around #BestofSony and a Sony Xperia Z playlist on its official YouTube channel, the brand had also created an augmented reality based Facebook application titled ‘Katrina and You’. The app enabled fans to visit the places shown on a map with Katrina in a poster. Her virtual image explained the features of Xperia Z and fans also got an opportunity to have their pictures clicked beside her image.

2. Balakrishnan Vaali by Nestlé Munch: To promote the new Nestlé Munch 4X4, Nestlé India roped in cricketer Virat Kohli as the new face of the brand. However, Virat plays the character of Balakrishnan Vaali who is a regular Chennai guy with affection for coffee and the chocolate. A social media profile was created for Vaali on Facebook as well as Twitter complete with believable details and regular Chennai taste. Vaali connects, communicates and entertains the community besides talking about Munch.

3. Relaunching the new Cadbury Silk: When Cadbury Silk came out with its latest version, the brand did a series of social media activations that were both fun and interactive. Beginning with announcing the imminent demise of Silk, the channels managed to successfully create the right amount of curiosity. And while fans were mourning and sending their farewell wishes, the page brought alive the new Silk for the heartbroken fans. Besides, the brand challenged Silk fans to bid for giant cubes of Silk weighing 14 kilograms each at a mall in Mumbai, by claiming what they would sacrifice to take those cubes home. With a Facebook app and a hashtag on Twitter, ‘Bid for Silk’ sure helped up the curiosity levels around the brand.

4. Special 26 promotions by Viacom 18: The heist Bollywood hit, Special 26 by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, created a formidable social media presence prior to the launch. With simple apps on Facebook that aligned with the story like ‘Which type of con artist are you’ and ‘Akshay’s Special 26’, the movie managed to drive engagement through Facebook. Interestingly, fans could watch an exclusive trailer on a Facebook app only after sharing it on Twitter. On Twitter, amongst other activities,  fans were asked what Akshay could sing for them, as he had sung one of the songs in the movie.

5. Ticket to Idea Filmfare by Idea Cellular: This year the 58th Filmfare awards sponsored by telecom brand, Idea created a cool campaign ‘#TicketToIdeaFilmfare’ that gave fans an opportunity to earn themselves free passes and feel the glitter of the red carpet. The campaign was executed as a treasure hunt game, where the tickets were hidden in four different places in the city, while Facebook and Twitter were used to provide the clues. Interestingly, the clues related to Bollywood required fans to have a fair knowledge of it.

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