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Nokia goes Digital for its N97 mini launch campaign

Posted on 22 December 2009 by BMMBoxer

Nokia, one of the most powerful spenders in the traditional media has decided to do otherwise. For the latest launch of its N97 Mini, the company is all set to bet on the digital market. Maxus Interaction, the agency which handles Nokia’s digital media duties confirmed the news.

The move is in sync with the target group the N97 wishes to attract. N97 Mini is an internet-connected multimedia device with applications like Twitter, Facebook and Gmail already loaded. Other relevant applications can be downloaded from Nokia’s mobile store,, without any additional cost.

With such features the phone is meant for a target audience which has a huge digital presence. RP Singh, director, business planning, Maxus Interaction added, “”The customization of the home screen and the widget capability can be best explained and experienced through the digital platform, than any other medium. Also, its target audience – users in the 18-34 years age group in the top 10 metros – is definitely there on the digital medium.”

The digital campaign for Nokia is designed in two phases. The first phase would take care of re-launch bookings, whereas the second phase would take care of creating awareness and generating sales.

The digital campaign will make its presence felt on more than 35 websites (which would include Yahoo, Rediff, Sify and Indiatimes) related to bollywood, cricket and latest happenings.

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