How to bring a college fest to life

Posted on 04 July 2012 by Cheryl Joy

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of college? More often than not, the one memory that would pop into everyone’s mind would be that of fests or college events. No matter how small the college or the event, college events promise to be part of a memory that’s pleasant and more fondly remembered than the rest.

A lot goes into getting these events to work and even more to make them popular. So what makes a *great* event stand out from the rest? Well it’s some fabulous marketing, coupled with a lot of hard work and fun. While there are no written mantras for making your college event a hit, I hope these pointers help.

  1. Plan Ahead

Even if the event is just a two day affair, it is important to plan well in advance. While the entire event needs to be chalked out at least a month in advance, the marketing plan should start way before. There is nothing worse than a last minute publicity plan for any event, even a college fest. There should be a well defined campaign in terms of dates and duties should be assigned to the members in charge.

2. Have a varied marketing strategy

With the number of options available today, the sky is the limit. Television, radio, internet are all wonderful platforms to publicize events. The crazy growth of social networking has added to this list a charm that is hard to be replicated. Therefore, have a marketing strategy that spans across platforms. Use mediums that will reach out to your audience and leave out those that show little potential.

3. Work from the heart

The most important aspect of an event is the passion that the organizers have for it. Only if they love the event enough to put in their heart and soul into it will the event turn out to be a hit. In the absence of such dedication any effort can only be half hearted at best.

4. Inclusion

It is important for the smooth working of the event that everyone works cohesively on it. This means that seniors and juniors needs to function like a team and work in perfect sync.

5. Be creative

No idea is a bad one unless you deem it to be so. It is important to discuss all the ideas so that they can be chosen or dumped. Some of the nicest ideas could sound catastrophic during their inception and some of the best ones could turn out to be trash. The trick is to make sure the event is extraordinary and that it would appeal to everyone.

6. Have pre-events and contests

All of us like winning prizes. Have interesting contests running throughout the month culminating in the major event. These contents will bring about an interest for the main event.

Events are big. And everyone loves to be a part of them. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the success of an event- big or small depends on the amount of dedication and passion that has gone into it. Bring these two into the picture, stand back and watch the magic unfold!

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